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Provideo Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This JVC professional website ("Site") is managed by JVCKENWOOD U.K. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. By using the Site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use (notices and disclaimers of liabilities) set forth below.


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Notices and Disclaimers of liabilities

  • The Site and its contents are owned, operated and managed by JVCKENWOOD and its service providers. Users are forbidden from using any contents of the Site in any way or for any purpose without the prior official permission of JVCKENWOOD, except for appropriate links to pages on the Site which may be created, provided such links comply with the conditions listed in '˜Website Links' below.
  • Although JVCKENWOOD endeavors to keep up-to-date all the information provided on the Site, the presence of information on the Site does not confer a guarantee of its completeness, accuracy or usefulness.
  • The use of this Site is the sole responsibility and at the total discretion of the user. JVCKENWOOD is not liable for any consequences or damage that may arise out of the use of such information.
  • Although JVCKENWOOD endeavours to maintain operation of the Site at all times, JVCKENWOOD is not liable for any damages to users resulting from network interruptions or discontinuation of the Site. JVCKENWOOD is not liable for any damage resulting from use of software or data mentioned on this Site or downloaded from it.
  • Copyright

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    • The rights concerning trademarks, logo marks and trade names contained within the website are the property of JVCKENWOOD and the owners of the respective rights. With the exception of cases permitted by trademark law and other laws, the use of these without permission from JVCKENWOOD or the respective owners is prohibited by trademark law.


    • For details on privacy, please refer to the link to Privacy Policy, at the foot of the Site's pages.

    Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

    • On account of JVCKENWOOD U.K. Ltd. being a company established under English law, the use of the Site and these Terms of Use are governed by English law unless otherwise specified.

    Website Links

    In general, third-party corporate or personal websites may create links to the Site, provided the operators comply with the following conditions:

    1. JVCKENWOOD shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the creation of links to the Site.
    2. URLs and Site contents, including information regarding products may be altered, removed or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.
    3. Links created by any of the following methods are strictly prohibited:
      -Links using images or logos on the Site in whole or in part, including but not limited to images of products, images of any materials, and pictures of persons.
      - Links which are intended to be displayed via an inline frame or any frame, which give the impression that information or any contents released through the Site are a part of any third-party website.
    4. JVCKENWOOD refuses to allow links from any of the following websites:
      - Any third-party website containing the content that could defame any third parties, JVCKENWOOD, or JVCKENWOOD's directors and employees.
      - Any third-party website containing the content that may injure JVCKENWOOD's credibility or dignity.
      - Any third-party website containing the content that may offend public order or be construed as morally offensive.
      - Any third-party website containing the content that may give the impression to viewers of the website that the third-party website has any affiliation or cooperation with JVC, or that JVC acknowledges or supports the third-party website.
    5. Operators of third-party websites which violate any of the conditions above or are deemed to be inappropriate by JVCKENWOOD will be required to remove links to the Site. Operators must accept this request and remove links promptly.

    JVCKENWOOD makes no representations, warranties or recommendations of any kind concerning any linked third-party websites, including but not limited to the content of linked websites, use of linked websites, or products and services featured on linked websites. Any link to the Site shall not mean or imply that any company which operates websites linked to the Site has any relationship or affiliation with JVCKENWOOD.